Getting Started…

On August 14th, I’m starting an elimination diet ( to discover the X factor that may be blocking me from seeing the fitness results I want for myself.

My goal is to blog what I’m eating, how I’m feeling, keep myself accountable and what I learn about myself over this 21 day program. T he program I’m going to follow is the renew meal plan (morning shake, lunch, afternoon shake and light dinner).

I’ve tried many of the mainstream diet programs (WW, JC, Southbeach, etc)…I’ve never tried the Grapefruit, Cabbage, etc type diets.  I can tell you when my fitness guru suggested this program to me, I wore my skepticism on my face.  She shared with me that she had tried it earlier this summer and that she learned a lot about herself too (she didn’t lose .  She has been reviewing my eating plans and felt that by doing this we may uncover my ‘X Factor’.  I didn’t agree on the spot to try the program.  I reviewed some information online and after some email exchanges (discussing my concerns, etc), I decided to give it a try.

Some of things we discussed was the shake portions of the program and all the ‘stuff’ they want you to purchase.  So instead of doing the Renew portion of the program (Shake for Breakfast, Lunch and Shake for Dinner), I’m going to do the Rebuild portion (Shake for Breakfast, Lunch, Shake for Snack and light Dinner).  After reviewing the items to eliminate, I feel confident I can do this.  But don’t worry, there will be challnges for me.  The ones I’ve clearly identified for myself are eliminating:  Caffeine, Dairy and Eggs from my diet over the 21 days.

So stay tuned for more updates as I begin my preparation for my August 14th journey!



  1. Lindsay · July 28, 2011

    As your “Fitness Guru” I have nothing but complete confidence in you! Remember…focusing on progress…not perfection 🙂

    • keepingupwithkate91 · July 28, 2011

      If I do it perfectly…I wont learn anything! And you know I want to learn…this is a journey. Trust me I’m looking for progress!! 🙂

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