Countdown is on…

Sorry, I’ve been MIA this past week.  It was a crazy week.  I have some posts have written that I hope to post tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is the official start to my journey on The Clean Program (  I’m anxious, nervous and scared all at once.  I’m anxious as I just want to get started, I’m nervous and scared on how my body is going to react (and I don’t deal well with the unknown).  And I’m scared how my mind will react.  I’m afraid if it isn’t going the way I want it to go or if it gets hard that I will throw in the towel (and I don’t want to do that…so putting it in writing should help me keep myself accountable) (and it is only 21 days…in a lifetime…it is a knat’s eyelash).

I’ve put some things in place to make sure my first week is a GREAT one.  I ordered my lunches from Madeline’s Table ( (if you are in the Princeton, NJ area I would highly recommend you trying it out).  I was able to get my glutein free items and made some special requests (no cheese on my ceasar salad and sauces on the the side).  I know this will be a great help for me this first week as I know I will love the food I’m eating.

I’m still up in the air about doing the full cleanse (Shake for Breakfast & Dinner and a nice size lunch) or the rebuild portion (Shake for Breakfast, nice size lunch, shake in the afternoon and a small dinner).  I may end up alternating between the two to see how my energy level is.  I want to continue going to bootcamp 3 days a week; however, I’ve been warned my energy levels will be low and to listen to my body (so I’m a little scared).  I need to figure it out tomorrow, so I have a good plan for the week (it is supposed to be a rainy Sunday tomorrow so I should have the time).

As I’ve mentioned before this is an elimination program.  Some key things I’m eliminating are:  coffee (and all other sources of caffeine), dairy, eggs, strawberries, bread, pasta, seafood, beef, pork, cold cuts, chocolate, alcohol, sushi, refined sugar, sweet and low and some other things.  I know that caffeine will be my biggest challenge, so I’ve been trying to slowly reduce my intake…can you say headache city for me lately.  I broke down this afternoon and got an iced tea! (I’m drinking it slowly).  Some things will be hard to eliminate some note as much.  It will be interesting to see if I crave any of the items I’ve eliminated.

Have I mentioned the GREAT things I get to eat on this program?  I get to enjoy chicken (and looking forward to trying a Hummus Chicken recipe from their website), radishes (have always loved these and don’t always think to buy them), avocados (and fresh guac!!), hummus, salmon, raw cocoa, nuts/seeds, almond butter and lots of fresh veggies (hitting the local farmer’s market Monday night).

Stay tuned for updates this week on how I’m doing.

Have a great Saturday!!





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