The journey has begun…

Day 1

Yesterday, I sat down and finally read Clean by Alejandro Junger, MD. Previously, I had reviewed information online: the manuals, the recipes, the elimination foods (that I can and can not eat), even some of the posts by others who had already started the program. However, I didn’t really understand the ‘WHY’ the program had started and what it could mean to me.

I know I’ve written previously that my ‘fitness guru’ and I had discussed trying this program to find my ‘X’ factor and I agreed…I was all in.  However, I needed a definition for the ‘X’ factor and by reading the book (finally), I understand what she meant.  The whole premise of the program is to remove toxins from your body that have built up over years and give your intestine back its flora.  You do this by eating two liquid meals (breakfast and dinner) a day and one larger meal at lunch from the elimination food list (the foods you can eat).  And your first meal of the day must be 12 hours after your last meal of the day.

There are many examples or ideas in the book that I can get my head around.  This first thing I read (and it wasn’t until this morning…thankfully a very rainy day here in NJ allowed me to read up to chapter 8 (which is post clean) that grabbed my attention was the following, “There is a bloating around the body, and sometimes there are extra pounds that won’t budge, even if the person counts calories and exercises.”  I read this and instantly connected…this is ME! (whenever I look at myself I’ve often wondered if I look bloated) I’ve been working out and eating whole foods (most of the time) on a pretty regular basis with no real weight loss.  I think the most I’ve ever lost was six pounds (and this is a knat’s eyelash in the whole scheme of things for me).  This ‘bloating’ is caused by mucus (gross I know) throughout your body and as you detox your body, the mucus is released and expelled from your body (yes, I wrote that and yes that is what it means…you get the picture without me specifically putting it out there).  And once finished with clean and you add foods back to your diet, you can figure out what the causes were and adjust accordingly.

So I guess you are wondering how I’m doing today?  I feel good.  I had an awesome shake for breakfast and a great salad for lunch (all posted on my week 1 food journal post).  I did have a slight headache this afternoon and took a 30 minute nap with a cold herbal pack on my head (and had a cup of goji berry green tea prior) and it seems to have subsided mostly (they advise not taking any OTCs for headaches; although if I get a migraine during this journey I will be taking my proper medication) (this was a headache not a migraine).  Around 4:15, I was quite hungry and I had a handful of almonds.  I’ll be eating my dinner shortly.  And by reading the book, I discovered that soups are a good option for dinner and highly suggested if you plan on working out during the program.   Dinner will be soup and a small spinach salad.

There are lots of optional support activities that are suggested as part of the program.  I plan on trying many of them and will share them with you once I’ve tried them.  One of the activities suggests taking a picture of yourself every day so you can judge your progress.  I’m altering it a bit.  I plan on taking a picture at the beginning of each week and at the end of the 3 week journey.  Attached is a self-portrait (taken by a HTC View) from last night before I went out with some friends…I need longer arms. 🙂  I’m looking forward to the positive changes!

Until next time…enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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