Observations – Week 1

Observations from week 1 of my journey on the Clean program

Caffeine: Steady headache from Day 1 through Day 3. Day 4 slight in the morning but gone after that.

Cravings: Still seem to have them from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Sleep: Slept fantastic the first 2 nights…since then it has been sporadic to very bad. Last night (thurs), I went to bed early (9:30 pm). I had a slight twinge of pain in my right shoulder…laying down made it worse. I pretty much woke up every two hours after midnight to refresh my cold herbal packs.  Feeling better during the day; should be interesting to see how tonight goes.

Mornings are the toughest because of the headaches

The liquid dinners are easier than I expected.  I just found a cantaloupe cold soup I like.  Thought  I’d like the cold cucumber soup but it was had tooooo much dill.  Next time I’ll try without the dill.


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