One Down…Two to Go

I completed week 1 of the Clean Program ( Saturday night!  Following the program the first week wasn’t as hard as I thought.  The biggest challenge for me was getting my supplements in place, figuring out my dinner (you can check out my week 1 food log to see what I’ve been eating), no coffee & working out.

I figured out the supplements in a couple of days (if I had dug around on the a little more I would’ve figured it out sooner).  As you will recall dinner is liquid which means it can be a soup.  I’m not a huge soup fan, but I have enjoyed some…others not so much.  There is also timing on dinner too as the program recommends not eating anything for 12 hours after dinner.  I already posted a blog on how much I’ve missed my morning coffee.  And I’m still missing it…I enjoy the ritual…it is how I start my morning (not the first thing I do but pretty close)…I miss the taste (I enjoy mine with some light cream and sweetner – and yes I’ve been gradually getting off the sweet and low).  And lastly working out.  I made it to bootcamp on Day 2, but was plagued with terrible / lack of sleep last Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Thursday was the  worse…severe muscle pain on my shoulder…that eluded sleep (I slept about every 2 hours).  I ended week 1 on a high note…Saturday morning was beautiful and I got outside for a nice 45 minute walk…it felt great (and I got a little pool time in the afternoon).

I plan on focusing on the following during week 2:  mixing up my dinner options (I found a recipe for a cucumber / avocado gazpacho soup recipe I hope to try tonight…I’ll let you know) and moving around more (particularly on non bootcamp days as I’m hoping it will help me with my sleep) and getting a massage (and this is a recommended part of the program–this may be the toughest part of the program for me…NOT 🙂 )

Wish me luck!

Have a great Tuesday!


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