Hurricane Irene and Comfort Food

Why is it that everytime we have a major snowstorm or in this case a hurricane in NJ that I crave / want…maybe even need comfort food?  I know this past winter when people we stocking up on essentials during one of our 5 major snowstorms, I was stocking up on some version of ice cream (even if it was made with coconut milk), Herr’s Reduced Fat Kettle Cooked Chips, Diet Soda, etc.  When I was stocking on one of those trips last winter I thought this is crazy…in the past those types of snowstorms were few and far between…it was a regular occurance this past winter.

Onto Irene and comfort food.  I was in BJ’s Thursday night and saw some of the things people had in their shopping cart.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was a little jealous.  I stayed my course and purchased my pecans and almonds.  I spoke to one of my fellow bootcampers Friday morning about the same thing…comfort foods…why do we do it?  So it is now Saturday night, I’m completing week 2 of my 3 week program and I can tell you I’m jealous I don’t have any of my favorite comfort foods in the house (and grateful that I didn’t cave when at the grocery store).  I do have the fixins for a cocktail or beer, but I’ve gotten this far and I’m not going to cave.  I’m staying the course.

I’ve handled my craving for comfort food by making the Cinnamon Roll Smoothie for dinner and added a TBSP of raw cocoa! 🙂

So for all of my friends and readers who are on the East Coast…be safe as our unwelcomed guest, Irene, makes herself known and hopefully leaves quickly.



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