Post Elimination Diet Observations so far

Happy Labor Day! I’m into my 2nd full day of my post clean elimination diet program.

I’m having a problem bringing just one thing back a day to see what type of reactions I have to the food.  However, I have had some reactions or lack of reactions that I’ve captured below.

On Saturday as many of you know, Penn State kicked of their 2011 football season (and they won 41-7). Wahoo!!  It was a noon game and the tradition I have for noon games is to have a Bloody Mary…which I did have. There were free appetizers offered at the watching party.  I tried some.  But I stopped at one round (normally I would’ve gone back for more).  The food was good too…I just didn’t want anymore.  I did have a salad for lunch with grilled chicken (sans feta cheese and roasted peppers). However, I did have some pizza later in the day and evening (plus a salad). I also drank lots of water throughout the day.  I was hanging out with a friend later in the evening and felt itchy all over (now there was a dog around and I am allergic…I grew up with 2 dogs so I can usually deal with it). My reaction was more intense. Not sure if it was the food I ate or the dog. Interesting none the less.

On Sunday, I had a shake for breakfast, a lasgna roll-up and spinach salad for lunch and dinner was grilled chicken and spinach salad. During the afternoon I had my first fountain drink and a chocolate frosty. The fountain drink didn’t really do anything for me (as in it wasn’t overly enjoyable).  The frosty on the other hand was yummy.

Today I had my morning shake. Lunch was spicy tuna roll. I had my first cup of coffee today (the coffee just didn’t taste as I expected…now I did use regular sugar and didn’t have my light cream so that could be it too).  Not sure I’ll have coffee tomorrow morning (I’m shocked just writing this)!

I’m off to a Labor Day BBQ later this afternoon.  So more to come over the next couple of days on how I’m doing (and my observations).


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