Kicking the Coffee Habit…

As you will recall part of the Clean program is kicking the coffee habit. I kicked it while I was on it. I had my first cup on Labor Day…and didn’t really enjoy it.  I have had coffee on most days since then (but not every day) and usually only one cup. I haven’t been doing it for the caffeine pick me up, more of the breakfast ritual when I’ve been out. I haven’t made any coffee since I’ve been home. Yesterday, I did want a Dunkin’ Ice Coffee around 10 am (and I got it, but I got a smaller one than I used to get).

I just found this blog that gives some good tips for kicking the habit:  Check it out if you are looking to kick the habit or just cut back.  Some great options.  Another thing I’ve found is using Natural Calm in the morning does help too with the headaches (has magnesium in it).

I don’t think I will be completely off coffee, but I am definately drinking less, which is a good thing in the long run.




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