6 Week Fall Transformation: Starts Tomorrow (9/19 – 10/28)

For those of you who know me personally you know that I go to a bootcamp 3 days a week.  Throughout the year they have special programs to change it up (although every workout is different).  There are two transformation programs.  One in the Spring and one in the Fall.  The Fall Transformation begins on Monday.  I’m really excited for this transformation program.  I think it will be a great complement to my completion of the clean program.  As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I was a bit out of sorts last week (lethargic and even unmotivated when it comes to food – as in making the choices that I know are good for me).  So this will help get my head back in the game.  My plan is to continue to include the foods that are part of the elimination diet (as last week has clearly taught me “you are what you eat”).

We are given a lot of tools to help us achieve our goals:  food / fitness journal, an online tool (bootcamp facebook), food menu, shopping list, audio conferences, videos and many others.  On Wednesday, we were asked to provide our goal for the 6 week transformation.  This goal is not about pounds, inches or body fat lost during the 6 weeks.  It is about what we can control.  I could come up with many goals:  keep my food journal, drink more water, add a fruit or veggie to every meal, increase my dumbell weight (which I am doing), run a 5k, HIIT workouts, etc..you get the picture.  My goal is attendance!  I know that sounds simple, but I have an uncanny way of talking myself into rolling over at 5 am.  My goal is in writing with the trainers, on our online bootcamp tool and now on here!  I’ve also created a separate blog specifically called Attendance where I’ve put every date online for bootcamp where I will be posting whether or not I attended or not (keeping myself accountable).  I know I will have one excused absence, as I am expected to travel for work near the end of the transformation (however, it doesn’t excuse me from getting a workout in that day!)

I’m already geting ready for my transformation:

  • Watched the Goal Video
  • Watched the Program Overview Video
  • Reviewed the Week 1 Menu and Shopping List
  • Orderd my food for next week (doesn’t exactly line up to the week 1 menu – I will supplement my order with items above)
  • Downloaded and reviewed the Success Toolkit

I’m EXCITED and ready to go!



  1. Lindsay · September 20, 2011

    No excuses – I love your commitment and determination!

    • keepingupwithkate91 · September 21, 2011

      Someone once told me (well…maybe a few times)…I OWN it!! As always…thank you for your support.

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