Transformation Accountability Log: 9/19 – 10/28

My goal for the 6 week fall transformation is Attendance! I have a knack for talking myself out of not going at 5 am (my class is 6 am). I’m very convincing at that hour! I need to remember that I’m doing this for myself and no one else.  Anything worth it –  is worth the hard work!  This blog is dedicated to me holding myself accountable.

  • 9/19:  Day 1 in the books:  DONE!!
  • 9/21:  Day 2 DONE!  10 circuits / 20 reps – timed 20 minutes.  Goal:  30 – Actual 21
  • 9/22:  Non-bootcamp activity:  Yogalates – combo of yoga / pilates…lots of strecthing
  • 9/23:  Day 3 and Week 1 DONE and in the books!!  Feeling fantastic!!
  • 9/26:  Day 4 and the start of Week 2 DONE!  Today was a day that I could’ve rolled over and stayed in bed.  I didn’t!  I felt great right after, but was a bit tired in the AM.
  • 9/28:  Day 5 in the books.  Again hard to get up this AM (but not as hard as Monday).
  • 9/29:  Non-bootcamp activity:  Yogalates – combo of yoga / pilates…one of my favorite poses – the corpse – very relaxing!
  • 9/30:  Day 6 – mission accomplished…Week 2 DONE! (first time hitting the snooze and I actually needed the alarm…I usually either get up before or turn off the alarm completely).  Happy Friday!!
  • 10/3:  Day 7 – no bootcamp today due to a sore knee (started last week) – really bothered me yesterday and today.  I did notify my trainer and she encouraged me in the future to come to bootcamp and we can modify my workout.  I agreed.  I just completed an 11+ minute circuit (so about 1/3 of what I normally do)
  • 10/5:  Day 8 – back on track – icing the knee
  • 10/6:  Day 9 – Sunrise Yoga! 🙂 & Yogalates (normal Thurs evening class) (after the day I had today I needed both sessions! 🙂 )
  • 10/7:  Day 10 – Done and in the books!
  • 10/10:  Didn’t make it this morning
  • 10/12:  Didn’t make it this morning (did not sleep well at all last night) (felt like I was up every hour on the hour)
  • 10/15:  Made it to the 5 am class as it was a busy, busy, busy day at the office
  • 10/17:  Didn’t make it due to sleep deprivation from the weekend.  I did not make myself a priority regarding hydration on Sunday and I really felt it Monday morning.  I had planned to go to the 9:30 am class since I was off.  Not going was a poor decision on my part…I let the negative self talk over rule my better judgement.
  • 10/19:  Done!  Back on Track!! 🙂  Loved the circuits today (even the dreaded cardio)!
  • 10/21:  Done!
  • 10/24:  Done – Last week of the transformation
  • 10/26:  Done!  1000 Rep Challenge and Yogalates Class
  • 10/28:  Done – The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Workout


  1. Lindsay · September 20, 2011

    Love this for accountability Katie!

    • keepingupwithkate91 · September 21, 2011

      Thanks Lindsay…nothing like put it out there for everyone to see it!

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