Excitement is Building…

In a little over a week I’ll be heading up to Happy Valley to spend time with my college roommates from my junior year. I’m so excited. I haven’t seen TB in many years and she hasn’t been to Happy Valley since we graduated (year not provided on purpose).  LH is joining us on Saturday and it should be a hoot.  I believe there will be lots of laughing and silliness.

Some activities for the weekend – (as I believe I’m the designated tour guide):

  • Re-visit some of our favorite establishments in town (and maybe a few new ones)
  • Check out the Shoe-Fly (it is called something else now)
  • Show off the Berkey Creamery new location (new to my roommates) and of course get some ice cream  It was only a $1 when we were Juniors.  My favorite is WSPU Coffee Break…yummy!
  • Ride the Loop (for old times sake) (bonus – get a nice view of changes on campus)
  • Check out Pattee and the HUB…where you could find us most days on campus when not in class
  • Homecoming Parade
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Tailgating
  • PSU vs. Purdue game
  • Check out the Elms
  • Swing by the Hintz Alumni Center
  • Get some Bank Buttons
  • Nap (I’ve been asked to make sure that is on the agenda…think I’ll just pencil that one in!) 🙂
  • Picture at The Lion!!
  • and anything else we feel like doing!

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