Some of my FAVS

I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs / internet sites that I visit on a regular and not so regular basis.  They are in no particular order.  Check them out (I tried to do the fancy links…but you get the webpage and if you roll-over you get the name I provided…something for me to work on).

Fitness: – This is where it all started for me!  It is a muscle – mind connection thing for me…and has changed how I think about food and working out (and many other things).  A site related to this is an internal site (Facebook for bootcampers…I utilize it a lot…a great forum for all of us during our transformation).  Thank you Lindsay and BP Fit Pros!  And if you live in the West Windsor, Robbinsville or Bordentown areas of NJ…check out bootcamp…it will change your life! 🙂 – I love this blog as I fell in love with kettlebells the first time I went back to Body Project bootcamp. I even bought the DVDs…take a look at Lauren’s abs. She has some great tips and I enjoy checking it out once in a while.  A plug for a very dear friend of mine who has transformed herself with Yoga.  Her HOT YOGA class is fantastic!!  Schedule included on the blog.

Food = Fuel:  Put an ingredient = get some suggestions  Use this when I was on the Clean Program – used some of the soup recipes.  I do want to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe around Christmas time to see if anyone notices a difference…shhhh…don’t tell anyone.  The site I used daily to support my detox.  I do need to get back to reading.  They have some great recipes out there (the Hummus Chicken recipe came from this site)  I order my food from this site every week.  Love, Love, Love the food.   It changes every week.  Some of my favs:  Spicy Turkey Meatloaf (and I’m not a meatloaf lover), Tilapia Tacos, Salmon Ceasar Salad, Chicken Salad to name a few.  I order side salads and extra veggies to add to the salads.  If you are in Central NJ, check out the Jersey Girl Cafe on Route 33 in Hamilton – signature sandwich:  Chicken Salad and the Cranberry Shortbread Cookie.

For Fun:  Rebecca is the first of my friend’s to blog.  She is so creative…and I’m not at all…I love looking at what she creates, her adventures in thrifting or read about her swaps.  Everything PSU sports…do I need to say more?  Everything PSU in Central NJ (shameless plug for our Central NJ Chapter of the Alumni Association)…WE ARE…  To stay up-to-date with happenings in my hometown  A friend posted this one…one of these days I’ll post what is in my purse…right now it might scare you all away.  The friend who turned me onto Gotham Girl.  I like her + / – blogs (which she got from another blogger)  This is a little bit of this and that


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