Do you eat the mini Apple packets?

Do you eat the mini Apple packets they sell at convenience or grocery stores? I do. I get the apples or grapes, but usually pick the apples. I think of them as a nice alternative to chips and easy to eat in the car or when on the go. I believed all of this until this weekend.

I purchased two small packets at a local convenience store for my PSU Reunion weekend to eat in the car along with lunch for myself and one of my friends.  We ate one packet, opened one in the car but didn’t finish it.  We got to Happy Valley, unpacked the car and went out for the evening.  We noticed Saturday morning the apples were not brown.  Every time we got in the car we noticed the apples were not brown.  We were in and out of the car quite a bit (it got to be a bit of a joke to see if they were brown).  So we looked on the back of the package and noticed that apples weren’t the only ingredients in the package (not sure why I surprised).  Calcium Ascorbate was added to maintain freshness and color.  I’ve posted two pictures, one I took yesterday ‘fresh’ out of the bag (remember the bag has been open since Friday around 1 pm) and sitting out in the air for the day (look at how ‘burnt’ the edges look…not even natural browning)!  Makes you wonder how much of the Calcium Ascorbate is in the bag too…because it least they are doing something now that they are out of the bag.

I know from my learnings at that anything that is package has some sort of processing.  I never really thought of it with the fruit and veggie packages.  Boy was I WRONG.  I won’t be eating the ‘snack packs’ anymore since I don’t know how long the added ‘stuff’ has been sitting on the fresh fruit or veggies.  I don’t care how convenient they are…I’ll just eat an apple to the CORE!



  1. Lindsay · October 19, 2011

    and it’s cheaper to do the real mccoy too 🙂
    Great post Katie!

    • keepingupwithkate91 · October 26, 2011

      Thanks Lindsay. The apples got worse looking too…they looked burnt by the end of the week. And to top it off…no fruit flies!

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