Happy New Year – Welcome 2012

I don’t normally have a New Year’s Resolution…this year I decided that I wanted to have a top 10 list – Goals vs. Resolutions.  So here is the list (in no particular order)…

  1. Write more personal notes and thank you notes – not email.  My goal is to write one per month in 2012.  I just finished writing Thank You notes to some employees at work for some outstanding work…it was very rewarding and I got some nice emails / comments back.  I didn’t include my return address as I wanted it to be a surprise (sent to the home not work address to btw)…one employee thought it was an invite to a ‘shower’…she was plesantly surprised!
  2. Get back to Mass.  I was pretty lax in 2011.
  3. Make Yoga part of my fitness program.  I have 5 free sessions via LivingSocial at One Yoga and have a free session (via a silent auction).
  4. Buy Made in America – buy local (note to self:  check the fine print).  I bought some Candy Canes for my Christmas Tree – the company is in Ohio; however, the Candy Canes were made in Mexico.
  5. Donate, Donate, Donate – I’ve got a lot of stuff…especially clothes, shoes and handbags…need to find some good homes locally.  And it will help me de-clutter – a bonus!
  6. Pay it Forward
  7. Play More Angry Birds Rio 🙂
  8. Schedule a massage at least once every 3 mths
  9. Re-connect with friends and stay connected with my family
  10. And last but not least…continue my journey of self-discovery and transformation

What goals do you have for 2012?


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