What I’m reading…on my Kindle

I bought my Kindle last May. I love it. I decided on the Kindle because I only wanted an e-reader.  It has a great little cover with light.  I’ve read over 30 books since then – most over my 2 week beach vacation (I bought a great case to seal it to keep the sand and water out so it was so easy reading outside).

I haven’t really been reading much lately. However, I do have a few books downloaded that I’m actively reading (I have a total of 26 that I haven’t started or are in progress).  I was on a reading kick awhile back and downloaded quite a few (and the Amazon gift card didn’t hurt).  I try to have a max on what I will spend on an e-book (try to stay $9.99 or lower)…however I’ve made some exceptions…all three of the ones below (good thing I do have some that I downloaded that were FREE of $2.00 or less).

Here they are:

  • The Petite Advantage Diet by Jim Carras ($12.99).  I saw him get Diane Sawyer in shape many years ago.  I’ve been working out and making good food choices (most of the time) and just can’t seem to get the weight off.  I’m going to see what this book says to see if it will work.  I don’t like the word diet though.  The one thing I like about Jim is he also has a book called the Cardio Free diet…so I know the work outs are probably similar to what I’m doing with my boot camp.
  • The Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove ($12.59).  I’m about 40% through the book (love that it is calculated for you on the Kindle).  I love that it stresses strength training and pushing the limits for women to go to heavier weights.
  • Explosive Eighteen – A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich ($12.99).  I’m not very far on this one.  I’m traveling for work over the next couple of weeks so I’m saving this read for the plane ride / hotel.  It will get me ready for One for the Money movie which comes out on January 27th.

What are you reading?


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