Channeling my inner Stephanie

Plum!  A week from today One for the Money hits theaters.  It is a movie based on the Janet Evanovich book by the same name.  Stephanie is a bond enforcement officer (aka bounty hunter)…and she isn’t very good.  She cracks me up along with her family, Lula and her two hotties – Ranger and Joe Morelli (I’m a Morelli girl)!

It is Friday night and I’m having a slice or two of a Trenton style Tomato Pie, pint of Boddington’s (I don’t think Stephanie drinks anything as fancy) and curling up with my Kindle reading Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich.

Now if only I had a hamster named Rex!

Happy Friday!

PS:  I’m still waiting for the pizza delivery guy to come back with my change (don’t worry he got a great tip already)!


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