#45 – One of my favorite places

This is my 45th post! Thanks so much for reading. At some point I hope to get in a regular cadance with my blog.

Last Sunday, I took a ride down to Ocean City, NJ to drop of my first payment for my summer rental. I didn’t get my invoice until right before a business trip and just didn’t get a chance to mail my check. And I’m so happy I didn’t mail the check. It was a cold, sunny day. I got a bit of a late start and got down to Ocean City around 2 pm. Dropped my check off…drove past the rental and drove past where my Aunt and Uncle will be renting as well (needed to see how close it was) (and it is close…they have an ocean front view).

Next stop the Boardwalk.  I walked up by Shriver’s (the only place in OCNJ that makes it’s own salt water taffy).  There were more people than I expected on the boardwalk.  I even stopped and took a picture of a group who wanted their first picture all bundled up.  I enjoyed my walk down to the Jewelry Hut (was hoping to see if they had any new OCNJ charms..they weren’t open…bummer).  I stopped into the Christmas shop to look around.  And before I went back to the car, I had some Manco and Manco pizza (formerly known as Mack and Manco).  It was yummy!  And of course I swung back by Shriver’s and picked up some fudge.  It was a great afternoon and it made me realize how much I do love OCNJ no matter the season.


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