HodgePodge – Highlights of the Week

I know it is has been awhile. I seem to go in spurts with my posts. I’ll try to do better this month.  So the month of Juneuary (if you are on the East Coast you will understand the meaning) is over. I wonder what February will bring?

February is a busy month for me as I have a big kick-off meeting in Chicago (so my postings could be even more sporadic)…apologies in advance.  Here are my HodgePodge of Highlights for the week.

I finally had a chance to activate my i-Phone 4S on Sunday.  Love it!  I’m a big fan of SIRI…well not as much as Raj on The Big Bang Theory…but she is pretty awesome.  I love being able to ask her the weather, make a call, put something on my calendar or just play music.  I’ve loaded some new apps that I didn’t have on my Android phone.

Sleep Cycle – view my results from last night…very interesting.  Can’t wait to see my results from tonight.  I think this was $0.99. I also loaded Cocktail Flow (Free).  I can’t wait to try it.  You can look up drinks by base drink, type or color.  And there are options for $0.99 for specific occasions – SuperBowl, Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.

I won two one on one personal yoga sessions via silent auction back in December.  I have my first session tomorrow morning.  I decided to download the Yoga Free app that was recommended by Shape magazine.

I’ve downloaded some others, but I will save them for another time – after I’ve tried them to see if they stay on my phone.  What are your favorite apps that I should try?

I finally went back to Bootcamp this week – Wednesday to be exact.  Been in a funk since around the holidays.  More on that later in a different post.  Happy to be back and good.

The final highlight of my week and probably the best – I got carded at Houlihan’s (Rt 1 South in Edison – my new fav 🙂 ) at the bar Thursday night.  Wahoo!!

Have a fantastic weekend!




  1. Lisa · February 4, 2012

    gotta love being carded!!!

    • keepingupwithkate91 · February 4, 2012

      Isn’t it amazing how we change…back in the day I would’ve been insulted…now there was an enthusiastic…sure no problem…followed by me having to dig in my bag because my license wasn’t in my wallet. Bonus = the bartender was very cute! 🙂

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