6 Week Spring Transformation – Week 1

Last Sunday started the BP (www.bodyprojectfitness.com) 6 week Spring Transformation.  I just love the transformations as they really help me re-focus.  The theme for this transformation is BE the transformation.  There are many things the same and some new things.  My biggest challenge is continuing to maintain the focus and commitment post-transformation.  Each week we are being given new goals (which are additive) to focus on and monitor ourselves as it takes 21 days to change a habit.  My long term goal is to learn from this transformation and carry it forward to the post 6 week transformation.

So how did I do week one?  I give myself a B+.  We had 19 daily goals to achieve and I achieved 17 of them – an 89.4%.  What was I proud of most this week?  Giving it my all the 3 days at bootcamp.  Particularly on Friday’s challenge.  I have a knee injury which hinders my ability to do high impact cardio.  Friday’s challenge which included all out running (I can power walk).  I kept my focus and continued through the challenge even though everyone else was finished.  My final time 21:21.

We also had a goal of drinking 70 ozs of water a day.  I achieved that each and every day.  I have a pitcher that I fill up with water each day that holds 80 ozs of water.

I’m ready to tackle week 2 – bring it on!



  1. Lindsay · March 4, 2012

    Awesome Katie! and 89% is great! Keep your focus!

  2. anna · March 4, 2012

    The time doesn’t matter, it’s bettering yourself that matters, and you are doing that!

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