Couch to …

1/2 Marathon or ???

Over the weekend I received a text from one of my BFF’s from college (TBG) that said the following, “What would you say if I thought we should do the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February??  We could make it a girls weekend!!”  My first reaction was to laugh and it took me awhile to even respond so guess I was a bit speechless too (and special note:  girls weekend <> running).  I finally responded with a “Who are you?  And what have you done with Tracy?”  I never responded No at any point though (which is important as I dislike, loathe, hate running – you get the picture).  At some point in the afternoon we spoke – and I agreed to do it with a couple of caveats – I have a knee injury and need to lose some weight (which I believe is also contributing to my knee injury) before I could completely commit.  I also found out the TBG shared with her husband that the two of us were doing the 1/2 Marathon – he wanted to know if I knew it yet – which I didn’t 🙂  This still makes me laugh!

So then reality started to set in – will my knee be able to handle, will I lose some of the extra weight that I’m carrying around before I start training (which I believe is part of the knee problem), what would my time per mile be? – then I did the math – 2 hours + probably running for me – I’m just not mentally there yet – nor do I truly believe Couch to 1/2 Marathon is a smart thing to do from a training perspective.

Today, TBG and I agreed to the following:

  • Complete the Disney Princess 5K next year with a girls trip (either weekend / maybe week)!
  • Complete the Disney 1/2 Marathon the year we turn 45!

I’m looking forward to the challenges of completing each goal!


One comment

  1. Carrie · May 9, 2012

    You can do it!!!!

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