Names I’ve been called lately – all in good fun!

At work for the past year they launch a SprintGetFit challenge. It gets the competitive juices flowing plus it is great as we all become healthier. This time around, I’m the team captain. You can have a team of up to 11 people (we have 9) and they ask you to track weight, steps walked and minutes exercise – you have to compete in at least on category (and everything is private).  The program runs from May 14th – July 8th.

One part of the program allows everyone to issue daily challenges.  A challenge could be to walk or run for 30 minutes, yoga, drink 64 ozs of water, complete your favorite exercise and even record your results (and yes that is a challenge) (and there are prizes for this program).  I decided this time around, I would take this a lot more seriously – especially since I’m a team captain.  I’ve leveraged some of my boot camp experience to issue a little more challenging ‘challenges’.  Here is an example of one of them:  30 minutes of exercise, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 2 30 second planks.  Here are some of the comments from my team (and btw I love it):  ‘Taskmaster’, ‘Are you crazy?’, ‘Always up for a ‘D’ Challenge’, ‘I hate planks, but I will do them’, ‘Fun for all’.  At least they are reviewing the challenges right?  And even doing them.  It helps me hold myself accountable and provides additional motivation! (I shared the comments with my trainer and she loved it – she even volunteered to help me with challenges – some of my team reads this blog too – hmmmm – maybe I’ll take her up on her offer 🙂 )!

I’ve even put out some easier challenges as well – here was Friday’s:  Drink at least 64 ozs of water (not ice tea or crystal light – pure water) and 30 minutes of your favorite exercise.  Even got some people not in our group to accept the challenge.  I think the team was glad to see I went a little easy on Friday.

Then I posted Saturday’s challenge (which I didn’t get to until tonight):  Set the clock for 15 minutes and do the following (record your rounds):  5 bicep curls, 5 tricep kickbacks, 5 walking lunges (I had to do high knees), 10 Jumping Jacks (modified mine), 10 full sit-ups (with a weight) and 10 squats.  Rest/Hydrate as needed.  All exercises requiring weights I used 8 lbs weights – I just got 6 rounds in!  Whew – and worked up a great sweat!

Have a fantastic week!!

PS:  Hope you enjoy the two posts in 1 day!


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