The Weight of The Nation – HBO Documentary

Have you heard of The Weight of The Nation?  Have you had a chance to watch it on HBO?  If you haven’t, I highly recommend it whether you are struggling with your weight, have kids or know someone who is struggling and you want to support them.  I personally think it is a wake-up call for all of us.  Here is the link:

I remember seeing something on Facebook about a week or so ago, but brushed past it.  Then last Monday one of my teammates from our SprintGetFit challenge mentioned the series to me and suggested that I watch it.  She said it was eye opening.  She said it changed her view on things that while exercise is important – what we eat is really the key to weight loss.  Then a couple hours later one of my trainers posted a link on FB to all to watch it.  I had already decided to start watching it last Monday night.  There are four episodes – a little over an hour each.  I figured I would watch an episode a night.  I’m happy to say I watched all four episodes last Monday night.

I can tell you I experienced a lot of emotions while watching – anger at watching the kids who had to play in a parking lot as they didn’t have any parks near them (and sadness), sadness as I listened to some of the stories, jealousy – over the bravery of all the people in the documentary – I don’t think I could’ve been that open while being interviewed.

I learned that it is never too late to make a change (which I’ve been working on) and making even the slightest changes can help reduce my risk for so many chronic diseases.

If you’ve watched it what are your thoughts?  If not, watch it and come back to the page and share your observations.


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