Peer Pressure Can Be a Good Thing

Back in May I agreed to do a 1/2 Marathon.  If you read the post you knew that I was scared but had finally come around to reality that I was going to do it.  The friend of mine I was to wog (walk / jog) the 1/2 Marathon with got excellent news – she is expecting – so it has been postponed a year.  I will tell you I was a bit relieved that it was postponed.

Now fastforward to Wednesday night – I’m out with some friends from Bootcamp.  We were talking about some of our Bootcamp peers who are training for a tri and about a mud run some of them have done in the past.  Somehow we got talking about runs in the fall and I remember our trainer talking about Beauty and the Beach (and rumor has it they have a great swag bag) in Long Branch, NJ.  At first we thought it was a 5K and low and behold it is a 5 mile all ladies walk/run.  I checked my schedule and PSU doesn’t have a home game – and we all agreed that we would try it.

I went to bootcamp today and checked with everyone to make sure they were still in and the answer was YES.  I registered when I got home this morning and then sent them all links to register.  I know at least 3 of us are now registered (and if you are reading this blog – you know who you are – don’t forget to register – for the event.  I’m so excited!!

So I jokingly put in the subject line about Peer Pressure and don’t get me wrong that definately helped; however, my mindset has changed a lot since May.  I’ve been much more focused on my workouts and what I eat/drink.

Thank You Ladies for pushing me at each and every bootcamp – I love the camraderie and letting peer pressure be a good thing!

Loving forward to November 3, 2012!! 🙂


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