PSU vs. WI – 2012

Last week was the final game of the PSU Football 2012 season.  I won’t go into the details as to why – you know.

It was a cold and windy day (with snow flurries making an appearance too).  Did I say cold and windy? – boy it sure was!   It was so windy, my canopy was a no go (and I left if there as the wind bent the frame and put holes in the tarp) and I couldn’t get my heater to work.  Thank goodness for the group from Altoona and Allentown – we hung out with them to stay out of the wind (and got my heater to work).

It was a great day for a final football game in November – Big 10 Football.  We got into the game early as it was Senior Day (a favorite game of mine).  This year it was special since this year’s Seniors truly showed what it mean to be Leaders and what Success with Honor really means.  Here is a great tribute to them prior to the game and a tribute to the entire team – 2012 will always be remembered in the Stadium not for an undefeated season or a championship but because they stayed and due to their leadership and commitment have showed all of us what ONE TEAM really means!


The game was exciting (and did I mention cold?).  Although at halftime I had the best HOT CHOCOLATE EVER!!  After lots of back and forth and a great show of force of the defense the game was TIED and we went into OT.  PSU had the first possession and put 3 points on the board.  WI had a chance to tie with a field goal and it went wide left.  The jubilation that erupted in the stadium was amazing (I can’t find the right words to describe)!


The singing of the Alma Mater with the team, students and fans was the best ever!  And BOB closed it out with a WE ARE… and he was met with a resounding PENN STATE!

I’ve been a Penn State fan for as long as I can remember.  I remember watching the 1986 championship game against Miami – the interception at the end of the game was amazing.  Penn State wasn’t the best team when I was in college, but my Senior year in 1990 – I remember watching the team beat undefeated (& #1) ND (at Southbend) on a 13 inch tv with my roommate – and the celebration downtown was awesome!  I still have The Daily Collegian from the following Monday.  Another favorite was the 2005 game against OSU – my favorite game in the stadium (until now) – it was the time for us to prove we were BACK and the stadium was rockin’.  I’m so glad my brother and I were there to watch it together.  Another memory is the 2008 PSU vs. MSU game – a great football day – cold, snowy, Senior Day and in the end a Big 10 Championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl (and  another great trip with my brother).  As I remember all of those great games and personal memories – I have to say that last Saturday is now my favorite PSU game – not only for the WIN (what a way to end a season), but because the Penn State family pulled together – the Players, Coaches, Staff, Cheerleaders and Blue Band needed the Alums and Fans as much as we needed them.  We fed off of each others energy!  And in the end – adults had a chance to learn from some young men – 31 Seniors to be exact about Leadership, Commitment and Success with Honor!  For the Glory!!

2012 Seniors


PS:  Here is a link the the Football Letter published by the Penn State Alumni Association and written by John Black:,b2VBTTNL


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