Never a Prouder Moment…

Never a prouder moment to be a Penn Stater than on THON weekend.  This year THON (the largest student run philanthropy in the world) raised $12,374,034.46 for the Four Diamonds Fund in a hope to find a cure for pediatric cancer!!  Since 1977, THON has donated over $100M to the Four Diamonds Fund (with this year’s fundraising).  To learn more about THON or to donate to THON14 go to!

Inspire Tomorrow's Miracles

Inspire Tomorrow’s Miracles

THON has grown throughout the years.  When I was at Penn State it was held in the White Building (the same place where I took my aerobics gym class), then it moved to Rec Hall (where the Volleyball teams plan now) and then moved to it’s current location – The Bryce Jordan Center.  There were times this weekend where the wait to get into the BJC was over 3 hours long and this morning due to capacity issues they stopped allowing people to enter – pretty amazing!

I followed posts throughout the weekend, watched the live stream online and then spent the last two hours watching THON today – I caught Family Hour – which is where the families who benefit from the Four Diamonds Fund share their stories – about their kids who are in remission and the ones who are now angels.  So very moving – not a dry eye in the BJC nor at my house!

For the Kids! (FTK)


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