50 Burpees – OH My

I’m so happy – I completed 50 Burpees tonight at BodyProject Fitness and Lifestyle (http://www.bodyprojectfitness.com).   I haven’t been a huge fan of Burpees – ever – but I do have say I like this new burpee (for me less risk of hurting myself as I can be a klutz sometime).  Here is the link – try it out:  http://goo.gl/fZB0D (shhh – don’t tell anyone – starting to like them a little)

 It was such a great workout tonight.  20 minutes and pushing myself (everyone did) with heavier weights – 12, 15 and 20 lbs for me tonight.  I completed 4 rounds – and started my 5th round so I did get the 50 burpees in (did I mention that?)!

  • Burpee​ ​10 reps
  • Bicep Curls – ​5 reps – 15 lbs
  • 1/2 turkish getup – ​5 each – 12 lbs (I did try one round with 15)
  • OH Press w/ one foot – ​5 each – 12 lbs
  • Plie w/calf raise – ​5 – 20 lb kettlebell
  • Tricep  Single Arm Crusher​ – 5 each arm – 12 lbs (this is the one where you are lying down on your mat)
  • Fast Run in Place – ​10 each leg
  • Single arm Back Row​ – 5 reps each – 20 lb kettlebell
  • Running Lunge  -5 each leg

This will be one I’ll take with me when I travel – one you can do in the hotel gym in a short period of time and get a nice good sweat going.  Enjoy!!

PS:  If you are in Central NJ – check out http://www.bodyprojectfitness.com (changed my life)



  1. Lindsay · February 21, 2013

    You were a warrior-ess last night Katie! I haven’t seen you so focused and driven like you we’re last night. You made a choice to set a goal and there definitely was no stopping you. Be proud! (I am!)

    • keepingupwithkate91 · February 21, 2013

      Thanks Lindsay. I loved the workout! It pushed me and I really think I could’ve kept on going. And I do really like these new burpees (less strain on my wrist and less chance of me doing anything with my knee). And of course doing 10 and moving on – makes it much better!

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