Learning about my Metabolism

Since last May, I’ve been seeing a nutritionist.  I’ve been seeing results – it is just slow and steady – did I mention it was slow?  I don’t miss out on things and I’m not on a diet – which is really important to me as I have a buys work and social life (so I’ve been told).  We’ve kept it pretty simple – protein, veggies and carbs – no fruit though – he is treating me as pre-diabetic.  I’ve cut out beer too (there have been a few exceptions but not many) – my cocktail of choice is Stoli Orange and Club Soda (and I cut out all adult beverages during Lent).  Just wanted to prove I’m not missing out on things in LIFE!

Meanwhile on this journey, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in late November 2012 (I’ll write a post on that another time) (I’m feeling much better too – I just wonder if this is playing a role in the slow and steady part of the journey).

I had some struggles with weight loss around the holidays (more like weight gain) and crazy sugar cravings I didn’t really have over the fall.  We decided it was time to do a metabolism test.  We scheduled it for 8:00 am – no food after midnight and only water in the AM.  The test is a 10 minute breathing test into a machine through a tube with your nose clipped.  I was given a gold star for how consistent my breathing was in the machine – 10 minutes is much longer than you realize when your nose is clipped.

For my height, age and weight – my predicted resting expenditure is 1,643 calories – mine came in at 2,189 calories – so my metabolism is operating at a higher rate than the baseline!  There was some other data called a RER which was at .82 (which would mean the last few days prior to the test I went into maintenance mode on my eating) (it should be more like .77 –  it is that specific – since I did lose weight from the prior mth).  

So my metabolism is doing great things – thanks to my work at BodyProject Fitness!  Yeah!!  I lost 5 lbs from the prio month – Yeah!  And I’m down 16 lbs since last May (slow and steady wins the race – I’m changing my lifestyle – my new mantra!!)  Great news – still perplexing why my body seems to want to hold onto the weight though (and the day before the metabolism test I had a BodyMetrix ultrasound test and my BF went up 5% – even more perplexing – makes me wonder if the Lyme Disease is impacting it – I’ll discuss my personal hypothesis on another post).  And what I’m doing eating / working out shouldn’t be contributing to muscle loss.  Things that make you go HMMMM!

All that being said – we have adjusted my morning breakfast to eliminate the carbs as my nutritionist believes I am insulin sensitive.  I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now – my go to breakfast is a 2 egg omelet (and lately throwing in some egg whites too) with veggies and cheese.  I haven’t been perfect though – on vacation I did indulge in a Thomas’ English Muffin with my 2 egg omelets. 🙂

So as you are reading this you may think I’m a super patient person.  I am anything but patient.  This journey has been a pure test of my patience – but I know I’m making long-term sustainable changes and learning lots about myself as I go.  I think that is what keeps me going – and I’ve already invested so much time and energy in it.  I’d be lying if I didn’t want to see a nice one month drop of 10 lbs to help my confidence and ego! 🙂


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