Week 1 – Accountability

Last week started BodyProject Fitness’ (http://bodyprojectfitness.com/) 6 week Spring Transformation. We do these twice a year (Spring and Fall) – a great way to re-focus on fitness and nutrition goals!  We were all asked to post our goals for the week so we could have accountability and support.

My goal was to drink 80 ounces of water a day and get up and move around every 2-3 hours (I spend a lot of time on conference calls).

  • Day 1:  Goal Achieved (HardBody Class)
  • Day 2:  Goal Achieved (Yoga)
  • Day 3:  Goal Achieved (HardBody Class)
  • Day 4:  50% of goal achieved – was in NYC for work and got quite a bit of walking in; however, my water was no where near 80 ozs of water – it is such a challenge to get all that water in when you are in meetings – but I did try (oh and I had an event in the evening that made it a challenge as well). (nice amount of walking)
  • Day 5:  50% of goal achieved – should’ve had more control as I was at home; however, really busy day on the phone and working on some important projects – just ran out of time in the day. (about 50% of water and 50% of movement during the day)
  • Day 6:  Goal Achieved  (Yoga)

So 4 out of 6 days, I hit my goal at 100%!  And if I was grading my week based on the scores I’d be at 83% or a B!  I knew Day 4 was going to be a challenge.  I tried to prepare, but sometimes ‘life’ gets in the way.  I’m pretty happy with my results.  And the really good thing is I didn’t beat myself up on the days I didn’t hit my goal – I’m understanding the why and learning from it.



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