Challenge Workout Results

On our second workout of our Spring Transformation there was a challenge workout. The purpose of the challenge is to set your baseline and to see how you’ve improved over the 6 weeks. I’ve done the challenges before and knew it was coming, but I can tell you I was kind of nervous for the challenge (4/17).

The challenge exercises were as follows:

  1. Push-ups to exhaustion on toes and knees – with a requirement to go down to a weight on the mat
  2. Wall Sit
  3. Burpees (the full body workout – I used to despise – now not so much) (timed 2 minutes)

April 17, 2013 Results

  1. Push-ups:  17 (toes)
  2. Wall Sit:  1:14 minutes (with a massive headache that lasted for about 2 days)
  3. Burpees:  28

May 15, 2013 Results (not as nervous – just anticipation)

  1. Push-ups:  25 (toes) and 13 (knees)
  2. Wall Sit:  1:41 minutes (no headache – yeah!!)
  3. Burpees:  27 (bummer)

Overall Results

  1. Push-ups:  32% improvement on toes; overall 124% improvement 🙂
  2. Wall Sit:  24% improvement
  3. Burpees:  3.5% decline
  4. Overall Results:  48% Improvement – wahoo!!!

I’m very pleased with my results.  Wish I had at least gotten to my baseline on my burpees – but it isn’t the end of the world.

The energy in our class was a little blah at the beginning on May 15th – post warm up we had a visit in our class – a squirrel – I think he helped get our adrenaline up.  Everyone had great results and were cheering everyone one – particularly our last two standing (more like sitting) on the wall sits.

Really happy and proud of my results!!



  1. Nicole · May 17, 2013

    Oh man, those are like three of my least favorite exercises. Congrats on the improvement!

    • keepingupwithkate91 · May 17, 2013

      Thanks Nicole. I don’t mind burpees now – shhhh – don’t tell anyone! 🙂

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