Road Warriors

I was traveling last week to Chicago. I’m in awe of Road Warriors. What is a Road Warrior? Per a Google search – 75% travel is equal to the road warrior being away from home all week days except Friday; 50% travel is equal to 2.5 days of the 5 day work week. However, an easier calculation is simply on average there are 20 work days in a month, divide that into the number of days you are not at home.

Why am I in awe of them?  I’m in awe of the ones who have figured out how to balance staying in a hotel, eating healthy and getting workouts in consistently.  I was a bit of a Road Warrior from 2001 – 2003 and I’ll be honest I never could figure out the balance.

Nowadays, I travel once a week every few months (more the first part of the year).  I am diligent in packing my workout clothes; however, many times my workout on my trip is carrying the extra clothes and sneakers in my bag.  For example, the big kick-off meeting I run every March – I was in Chicago for almost an entire week – I never saw the inside of the hotel gym – I was working 14+ hours  / day – so sleep was my priority!

So once again last week, I packed my workout clothes and sneakers.  The first day I walked a lot in the airport – so I sort of chalked that up as my ‘workout’.   The next day it didn’t happen.  I was committed on Day 3 to get my workout in and I succeeded!  I was down in the teeny hotel gym bright and early with a great interval training session (a bit longer version of a HIIT workout) – it was awesome.  Then I did some arms and ab work.  It was a nice soaking workout.  I will chalk this up as a WIN for me!  Better late then never.  🙂

Workout DONE!

Workout DONE!

Near the end of my workout, a co-worker of mine comes in to get her workout in for the day (and she is a Road Warrior – and she worked out the day before too!) The kicker to this little side story was before our meeting started she mentioned that it was great seeing me in the gym and I was ‘sweating like a man‘ (note:  I believe we were the only two in the group at that hotel that made it to the gym that morning!) – I was a touch embarrassed and a little proud (as I worked pretty darn hard) (and actually didn’t lug my stuff around for nothing)!

So off to O’Hare I went to try and fly standby (post meeting) – I did not have the luck of the Irish that day, but thought I would share how I relaxed while waiting (trying to take it a little bit like a ‘Road Warrior’) (note:  not lugging the sneakers in the bag this time either).

Chillaxin' at ORD

Chillaxin’ at ORD

I think if I ever become a ‘Road Warrior’ again – I know I would do so much better with everything I’ve put in place the last few years.   If it took me time to figure out the balance –  at least I’d get some sort of a workout lugging the extra workout clothes around! 🙂

Have a great Friday!


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