The Art of Thank You

When was the last time you wrote a Thank You note?  I spent about an hour writing Thank You notes as part of a customer retention initiative at work on Friday.  I wrote about 10 of them.  I do this every month – it was something my company started last year and something I believe is important and unique.  Our company target is 5 per mont – I’ve asked my team to complete 10 per month.  I often wonder what the people on the other end think when they receive a thank you note from me or one of my co-workers?

When I was writing on Friday, I took some time in between writing (and giving my hand a rest – you get writers cramp since we spend so much time on computers now) to reflect on how was feeling – I’ll have to say pretty darn good.  It was nice to sit down and personally write out the Thank You notes to our customers.  Life seems to be moving so fast now adays – (I can’t believe it is already June) – that we don’t stop to appreciate the people around us.  I have an opportunity in my life to change that…

I’ve been writing Thank You notes for as long as I can remember – a rule in our house growing up was you had to send a Thank You note for any gifts you received.  As I got older I wasn’t made to do it, but my Mom definately had it ingrained in me (in case you are wondering I think this is a great thing).  As I write this I recall Thank You notes my Mom would receive from her Uncle Ted – he learned to say Thank You on his mother’s knee (he wrote this at least once).  I have fond family memories when Uncle Ted would join us for family events at Easter and Thanksgiving.  He was a kind, sweet, old fashioned man who was very good to my Mom and her sisters growing up.

Back to the Thank You notes – I don’t recall when, but my Mom gave me a book called The Thank You Book by Robyn Freedman Spizman and I haven’t ever really looked at it.  I pulled it out this morning and was leafing through it.  I plan on adding it to my reading list this week – it is a short read.  I’ll share with you what I learn.

My goal for summer of 2013 (adding to my Summer Bucket List) is to write 2 Thank You notes per week for the people who have done a great job at work, helped me or done something nice.  Ideally these will be handwritten Thank You notes vs. sending an email.  I think it means so much more receiving it something in the mail vs. all the junk mail and bills we all receive everyday – a little gem.

“One can never pay in gratitude; one can only pay ‘in kind’ somewhere else in life” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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