FIG – Vodka, Sauce, Salad, App…

So what made you click on this post today?  Was it the thought of Fig Vodka, a Sauce, Salad or an App?

I really enjoy figs – my Dad has some really great recipes – one is an appetizer with a balsamic reduction – note to self – get recipe.  I have FIG(s) on the brain today.

A friend shared with me a new vodka – it is Figenza Vodka – I’m looking forward to trying the Fig Mojito – 3 ozs of Fig Vodka, 2 ozs of Club Soda, muddled mint and lime (this is their June cocktail).  I could also try the Sunkiss – 3 ozs of Fig Vodka, 1 oz of Club Soda and muddled oranges (this is their July cocktail) – this is definately on the list for vacation.  I’ll let you know what I think of it.

In December, I hosted Christmas and due to the size of my house (and the age of my oven), we normally celebrate ‘Easter’ at Christmas – which means Ham.  I get an awesome Spiral Cut Ham from Kansas City Steaks.  I decided this year to try a different sauce.  At first I was going to make a fig sauce but found on Pinterest a sauce I could purchase that was just a good.  It was Stonewall Kitchen’s Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce – it was a hit.  I think it would great on a nice pork loin or chicken too – I have one bottle left and I see this as a grilling option real soon.

Since I don’t have my Dad’s recipe for the appetizers – thought I would try this recipe – Roasted Balsami Fig Salad – Blue Cheese.  Looks easy and delicious.

So now for the true reason for this post – the FIG Wellness App – available on iOS and Android.  I had a work/life balance lunch and learn for my team with my trainer, Lindsay Vastola.  The feedback from my team was fabulous.  And the interesting thing was a lot of the feedback was that they had the work/life balance, but didn’t have the life/life balance.  I wanted to figure out a way to  reinforce what we learned, but I also wanted to help my team have overall balance.  I’m a true believer that a well balance employee – is a productive employee.  I rolled out a little voluntary incentive for my team – 21 Day Challenge (pre-vacation for my team) – the objective of the incentive – set a goal, track results and share your findings.  The incentive is all about participation – each week they participate the get a ‘ticket’ for a drawing and if they particpate all 3 weeks – they get another ‘ticket’.  There will be two winners of some fabulous prizes.  I wanted to find something to help us track results, keep each other accountable and I wanted us to be mobile.

It was easy to search for some wellness apps – I found FIG to have the best ratings.  We started yesterday – I like it so far – you can create goals and activities.  Some of the activity categories are related to eating, exercise, refresh (sleep, relaxation), connect (family, friendship, community), feel (awareness, gratitude) and go further (faith, longevity).  I thought this was perfect because it wasn’t just focusing on eating and exercise – it focuses on the entire being.  You can invite participants to be your ‘friends’ so you can see how everyone is doing – lend a ‘cheer’, ‘assist’ or ‘rally’ your friends with words of encouragement.  You can track your items very quickly.  My week 1 goals are drink 10 glasses of water per day and do my Hard Body workouts 3xs per week.  I made my water goal yesterday and got a nice YELLOW Star!!  The only thing I don’t like is that everyone has to invite each other vs. a one time invite from me.  I think I can get over that.  So far so good and I think I will use this post our 21 Day Challenge.

I’m off to drink a glass of water!


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