Still a Kid at Heart

Since 2009 (I’m pretty sure that is when we started), my niece and I have been going to my church carnival.  It is something we both look forward to every year.  I don’t know which one of us gets more excited?!

We’ve had rain and storms (the first year we had to cut the rides short due to a T-storm – thank goodness we were in walking distance to a Friendly’s).  This year the weather was perfect.

We have a set routine – face painting is our first stop.  This year’s choice was a heart on one side and a whale on another.  Then off to the rides.  I love rides (I still remember when the SuperDooperLooper was the scariest ride out there!)!  Our first ride this year was the Scrambler (when I was my niece’s age I found $5 at my grandparent’s church carnival – no such luck this year – I think we were the first ones on the ride).  The next ride was the Tornado – it is a flying ride and you turn so your car spins.  I will tell you it is the first time I’ve ever thought sick on a ride – ugh – a sign of getting old – hopefully maybe just a one time thing  I hope.   I hit a total of 5 rides (and luckily the Tornado was the only one with an issue – whew)!

Off to get some carnival food – we were pretty basic – burger and fries.  While eating we got to watch the dunk tank – we even took some shots at it.   I’ve completely lost my ability to throw a softball – quite embarassing since I played for probably 10 years (need to work on that)!  Neither one of us knock him in.  But it was fun.

It is interesting to see how my nieces interests have changed – she wanted to try out a game this year.  She did really well – she didn’t win – but what annoyed me a bit is these were teen games and there were parents winning for their toddler kids (and there are games for the younger kids).  My niece didn’t seem to mind – it was me who minded.  She is a much better sport than me!

We both LOVE ice cream so we were off to get our annual softserve cone – we keep it simple – vanilla softserve – YUM!

We had time for one more ride – we usually ride the Pirate Ship or the Swings (and they have two swings) – to my surprise the pick was the bumper cars.  It was fun – and I had an excellent driver – I was very impressed.

View of bumper cars - waiting in line.

View of bumper cars – waiting in line.

I just love the fond memories this brings back to me growing up and going to my grandparent’s church carnival and the Holy Spirit Street Fair.  I love that I’m creating great memories (I hope) for my niece!  I cherish this time and hope we keep this annual tradition going for a very long time!

Love this shot - we never made it on the double swing.

Love this shot – we never made it on the double swing.


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