A gentle reminder…

It was a great weekend spending time with friends – hanging by the pool and grilling.  However, when I got home I had a nice, gentle reminder that not only do I need to wear sunscreen but I need to use bug spray!  I found a tick crawling on the underside of my arm!!

For those who don’t know (or recall), I was diagnosed (tested positive) with Lyme Disease back in November 2012.   I completed my antibiotic treatment and finally felt back to normal this spring.

In the spring and June (before vacation), I was vigilant with my bug spray.  I think I was spoiled down at the beach for two weeks – no trees – no high grass.

Today was a gentle reminder that Lyme Disease is all about prevention!  I need to wear bug repellant (I’m trying to find a good combo sunscreen / repellent) when I’m out and about at any pool – friend’s, family or a complex.  I’m sure I didn’t get bit as the tick was crawling around and it pretty darn flat – so I caught him or her before I became dinner.  He is still crawling around in a zip locked baggie. 🙂  By the looks of it – it isn’t a deer tick, but still freaked me completely out.  Now I’m off to Amazon to find a bug repellent / sunscreen I can use!

The creepy crawly tick - BAGGED!

The creepy crawly tick – BAGGED!



  1. Nicole · July 22, 2013

    Scary! I didn’t think we’d have to worry about them until the fall!

    • keepingupwithkate91 · July 22, 2013

      Mild winter = spring through fall tick season. And due to the mild winter – a lot more of them.

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