Yoga – More than body, mind & soul…

Last night, I went out with the girls to New Brunswick – the home of the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers (note their bars don’t even compare to State College 🙂 ).

My adult beverage of choice is Stoli Orange Vodka and Club Soda (because of the low sugar content and you can make one last forever!) – and I also drink lots of water when I’m out.  We had dinner and made one more stop.  It was actually pretty cool bar – and I felt like a beer (and water of course).  I’ve been staying away from beer due to the sugar in it.  And of course I picked a brew that was a sweet wheat beer.  It was delicious – sort of like a dessert.

Low and behold this morning, I have a screaming headache.  I really didn’t want to take anything for it – was hoping a cold compress would help – it didn’t.  I then tried coffee – no help either.  Saturday is a Yoga day for me and I had pretty much decided I wasn’t going to go.  But finally some common sense hit me and I decided to go to YOGA.  Best decision all day!  It helped energize me and get rid of the annoying beer – sugar headache!  No more sweet, wheat beers for me! 🙂


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