My new magic number – 0.7

Back on May 6th, I posted my post called 20 – it was a milestone for me – but I think I was a bit premature – guess I had the original number in my head a bit higher.  Anyway if you will recall from that post – my next number in my head that I wanted to hit was 6 – well now it is 0.7.  What is the meaning of that number?  I’ll tell you at the end.

This past Thursday was a busy appointment day – Nutritionist and Sports Medicine Doctor for an injury (turns out it is my IT band – lots of stretches and I go back in 2 weeks).

I went to see my nutritionist to see what progress I had made since the end of June (and prior to vacation).  I’m a bit neurotic and weigh myself everyday (I know I shouldn’t – but it does keep me a little bit more accountable as my body seems to be  super sensitive to foods and causing me to fluctuate) but the last time I was in my scale was off by 2 or 3 pounds so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  On top of that I was on vacation for 2 weeks – where I did exercise – yoga and pilates at least 3 days a week but I also ate foods I wanted (including Blueberry pie and cobbler) and of course adult beverages – all within reason though (I actually didn’t gain weight on vacation – I checked!).  It has been a bit more challenging since I’ve been back with work travel and other appointments – so it has been more like 2 times per week I’m getting to yoga primarily.  Pilates just hasn’t been convenient – oh and I had a bit of work travel mixed in.  If you notice – no Hardbody workouts – and this has been due to a nagging injury that started before vacation my knee and moved to my thigh while on vacation (see above – IT Band).  So what happened at the appointment?  I lost 3 pounds!!!!  And here is the interesting thing – I completely changed up what I was doing exercise wise.  I was speaking to my trainer about it yesterday and she reminded me that she reminds us all the time it is good to change things up as our muscles get used to the same routine. (I’m hoping this helps a blogger friend of mine who is thinking of changing her routine after her half marathon training ) 🙂

So what is the meaning of the 0.7 – that is how much I need to lose to get to that magic number in my head!  It is one of the many milestones I have in my head before I reach my final goal!  Stay tuned for updates – I won’t post on this until September when I go back for my nutritionist appointment – makes it more official!

Happy Saturday!!



  1. Nicole · August 10, 2013

    Congrats!!! I am way inspired right now. Maybe I’ll take up triathlons. Or Hula Hooping.

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