Get Your ROAR ON!

I can’t believe this weekend is Labor Day weekend.  It feels like just yesterday we were just celebrating Memorial Day.  I love summer and I’m kind of bummed I didn’t make to to the shore more than on my vacation.  So as a say goodbye to summer this weekend – I get to say HELLO to fall – sort of – as Penn State has their first football game this weekend!

And the bonus is I’m not going to be too far from home since they are playing Syracuse at MetLife Stadium (aka The Meadowlands) in NJ – where it is a home game for Syracuse – but it will really be a home game for Penn State.   So maybe I can sneak down to the beach on Sunday – hmmm – need to do that (sorry I digressed).

Back to football – I think the fall like weather a week or so ago has me finally ready for some football – it will be a very low key tailgate (I’ll do another post over the weekend with all of my new tailgate toys)!  All of the essentials are ready to go – Adult Beverages and Cupcakes – what else does a girl need?  🙂 Oh don’t worry there will be other totally non nutrious items on the menu.  Good thing I’ll be walking around a lot – I’ll be interested to see how many steps I get in tomorrow.  Sorry I’ve digressed again.

I’m really looking forward to see what Bill O’Brien and this Penn State Football team will do this year.   They’ve worked hard and kept their focus.  Just as the team last year – they will have all of the support they need from their Penn State family!  Here is a glimpse of what Coach O’Brien shared with the team about the our history and the Penn State family:

Tomorrow will be a great day – I’ll get to see some friends I see a lot, ones I haven’t seen in awhile and may even run into people I haven’t seen in forever – you never know who you will run into.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll have my ROAR On and my BANK Button!

Bank Button - PSU vs. Syracuse - 2013

Bank Button – PSU vs. Syracuse – 2013

And I am SO Glad I’m a NITTANY LION!




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