Last night I finished reading The Shift by Tory Johnson.  I loved reading about Tory’s journey.  I’ve been a big fan of Tory since her first segment on GMA.  I think it is great how she has helped women get back in the workforce or restart her career.

I really felt a personal connection with Tory while reading the book.  As I started reading it I found that the confident woman I enjoyed watching on TV had insecurites just like me.  She has struggle with her weight for a very long time – I’m fortunate that mine has only been the last 10 years or so.

Without realizing it I started my own Shift  in April 2012 when I finally had it with my weight – I made the first step – I made the nutrionist appointment!  Now I haven’t had the quickest drop in weight that Tory saw (and I won’t tell you how much she dropped – you have to read the book – it is part of the journey).  But I have dropped enought that when I had my 1 year anniversary going to the nutritionist – it was very emotional.  If I had taken that step – would I have been even heavier or the samy unhappy weight?  I’m so glad I don’t know that answer!

I found some similarities in Tory’s journey and my own – accountability – getting on that scale every morning, no fruit and a favorite statement (if you’ve read my blog before you’ve seen it before or my mantra) – ‘slow and steady wins the race’!

After reading The Shift, I’m re-energized! And the timing is perfect – the 6 week Fall Transformations starts on 9/23!  The Shift is all about getting  inside your own head – ready to commit to the best version of you (credit – Lindsay Vastola)!



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