Fall Transformation

Today was the first day of the 6 week fall transformation! I started my prep for the week yesterday – drank 70 ozs of water, 8 hours of sleep, completed my shopping for the week and got myself a new pair of sneakers!

Aren't they pretty? :-)

Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

I’m really picky about my sneakers – I bought a pair before vacation (and I’m kicking myself I didn’t return them).  They are Brooks and they just don’t fit me right – and they weren’t cheap – I think I’ve worn them maybe 5 times -argh!  I am happy now- I’m back in a pair of Asics – so reminds me of college and they do seem to fit me the best.  And no special inserts from the running stores – just plain old simple Dr. Scholl’s Active Support inserts for my high arches – go figure!

We had a great workout tonight and I’m please to say my feet – in particular my arches weren’t bothering me – WAHOO!!  Fingers crossed it continues.

Stay tuned for more updates during the Fall Transformation – I’d like to say I’ll post something everyday – I just don’t think that will be reality – but I’ll give it a shot.  Until next time – have a great evening!





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