Winning is AWESOME

Some of you may or may not know – I’m a huge college football fan. I have season tickets to Penn State and I go to most home games. However, I was not looking forward to the drive on Friday night after work. Work has been super busy and I was stressing out.  Even as I was getting into the car Friday night – I still wasn’t in a Penn State football mood.  And as I was making the drive Friday night – it didn’t get much better – my 4 hour drive took over 5 hours (with some torrental rain that added to some stress).

So in case you missed it – unranked Penn State (coming off an embarrassing loss to Indiana the week before-which I witnessed first hand) defeated #18 MI in front of almost 108K screaming fans in a ‘WhiteOut’ in 4 OTs. I’m a proud 10+ year North End Zone Season Ticket holder – and pleased to say both OT wins I’ve seen in Beaver Stadium have been in the North End Zone. So in case you missed the game – here is a view of the winning touchdown (and Bill Belton is from NJ):

As the announcer stated – a game that will not be forgotten – we all stayed in the stadium after the Alma Mater savoring the victory. The drive home on Sunday was much better – I’m so glad I made the trip – well worth it to see this team come out on top!  And I will never get sick of watching this video either!!

PS:  My voice is still recovering!


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