30 Day #SHIFT Update

On 9/18, I added a page (see my daily results too) regarding a 30 SHIFT challenge for myself.  It included the following goals per day:

  1. Water, Coffee or Tea only – no Diet Pepsi or Diet Dr. Pepper
  2. No bread at breakfast
  3. Limit AM coffee to 2 cups
  4. No dessert
  5. Exercise 4xs/week or more

So how did I do?  Per my calculations – 90% – not too bad.  I only caved once in the 30 days on my daily 4 goals – and it was dessert last Saturday while tailgating.  Was I annoyed with myself when I did it – yes – did I regret the sugary, pecan pie little shortbread pieces – NO WAY!  They were super delicious.  Do I wish I scored a 100% – sure – but we aren’t perfect.  We learn the most by stumbling and picking ourselves back up.

The toughest week was the last week (and if I recall – I think when I did the CLEAN program it was the toughest too).  I wonder why that is?  Is it because you see the light at the end of the tunnel?  And know we give ourselves permission to have all the off limit items tomorrow.  I wonder how I will recact tomorrow morning – will I have more than 2 cups a coffee?, a breakfast sandwich?, will I cave and open one of those Diet Pepsis in my fridge?  I know I’m having dessert tomorrow – picking up cupcakes for my brother’s bdayd – and I’m having one of them!  🙂

So what did I learn?  I really think (for me) depriving myself isn’t they way to go (or maybe it isn’t 4 things at once – maybe another experiment for the future).  I think my SHIFT is really focusing on the good things I eat and do and enjoying lifes little events that pop up.  And my mantra is ‘Slow and Steady WINS the Race’ and another good one – ‘It’s a Marathon – not a Sprint’ (goes well too when you tailgate all day too :-))

PS:  The other thing for me – limiting or deprving – didn’t move the scale – the positive – it didn’t go up either.  🙂



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