6 Week Transformation Moment…

This week is the last week of our 6 week transformation – they actually gave us an additional week!

Accountability is one of the many things that comes with the transformation as you see yourself change. We get a calendar every week – where we check off our 70 ozs of water a day, 5 days of fitness and 5 minutes for yourself each day.

The last thing we have to do is share a moment when we realized a significant moment of transformation – here is my moment:

In prior transformations – I start off strong and then life gets in the way and I make excuses.  As usual, this transformation started off strong and than life and work really got in the way (more so than before) and I had to figure it out.  In previous transformations, I was really good at making excuses and letting the little voice (or sometimes loud voice) justify that it was OK to miss workouts.  This transformation was different – I found that when life and work got in the way – I found a way to get some sort of activity in – even if it wasn’t at BodyProject.  And I really needed the workouts as a true stress reliever.  I could sweat out my frustration in a HardBody (and yes – yoga too) or really lose the outside world during yoga.  I tried to walk as much as possible when traveling – at the airport or walking from the L in Chicago (vs. taking a cab).  During the day when I have 1:1 meetings with my team (and it isn’t raining outside) – I put on my headset and I do the 1:1 outside walking (and I encourage my team to do the same).  So for me my transformation moment was ‘missing‘ (like I miss my Mom – not skipping) my workouts if life got in the way.  I made extra efforts to squeeze my workouts in whether it was a HardBody workout, yoga, barre or walking – I was getting something in so I wouldn’t ‘miss’.  Something in the past if I missed a workout – I justified it in my head.  ‘Missing‘ workouts for me is huge and something I won’t forget from this transformation as my moment.  It has really kept me balance with my work and life this last 6 weeks!

Next week starts my next transformatin journey as slow and steady wins the race – this is truly a marathon (and not a sprint) for me.



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