Getting back on track

I’m week out from my big transformation win – so how am I doing? Believe it or not last week was a bit of a rough week.  I was in a funk!

I kind of didn’t know where to start last week – I know it sounds odd – I was on such a high from the weekend – Monday was kind of a letdown.

Last week was super busy with work/personal and some volunteer stuff – so my schedule was a bit off.  I was able to hit a barre class and yoga early in the week.  I got some walking in when I could (the cold weather didn’t help – also making me re-think my walking during the workday – I’ll save that for another day).  And I was able to hit a Spin class on Saturday.   Not too bad right – eating wasn’t out of control – I just wasn’t feeling it last week.

I’ve had this annoying cough which I know is my fall asthma cough (I just need to use my advair and it should go away) – I allowed myself to let some negative self talk get into my head – I postponed my nutrionist appointment because I needed to do a 10 minute breathing metobolism test (and I didn’t want to cough through it) but if I’m really honest – I got on the scale Monday morning and didn’t like the numbers I saw (don’t worry – the appt is on the calendar for December).  I didn’t go to my normal Thursday night yoga – but that was a lot more legitimate – I really didn’t want to cough through the whole thing.

I put it out of my mind over the weekend and stayed active while I watched my niece and nephew Saturday into Sunday – they even got me to rake some leaves – so they could jump in them.  🙂

Yesterday, I got a text that said – ‘Today is the day to plan your week!’  I looked at it and realized – it was time to start over.  I grabbed a few things at the store last night.  I still have some other things that I will pick up tomorrow.  Grabbed a nice evening walk – it was so darn nice in NJ last night.  But the most important thing I did last night was re-read the 5 sheets of paper I received from my very first nutrionist appointment – I needed a refresher – something to reground and start the week off better than last week.  It seems so simple, but really helped.  I reviewed the proteins to focus on, carbs to eat, the hunger scale, the plate methond and lastly the Nutritional Goals to Maintain Energy and Optimize Weight.

There are 10 items on the Nutrional Goals to Maintain Energy and Optimize Weight.  The first 8 are all things that I know and I’ve been doing so they were nice reminders.  The last two really hit home for me (a lot more last night than in the past).  9. The scale is not the only measure of success.  10.  Good behavior changes take time.  I know I’ve mentioned before I’m all about the numbers and both my trainers and nutrtionist have told me numerous times the scale is not always the answer – I know this from the transformation and I just need to remind myself.  One of the ways I hold myself accountable is I get on the scale every morning – my goal this week is to not get on it again until Friday morning!  I need to see if changing things up and not worrying about the scale (so much) this week makes a difference for me.  I feel like I’m back on track this week!


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