Holiday Favorite – Adult Beverages

A family tradition that I remember my Dad telling me about was a drink called a Grasshopper.  It was a drink my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop served on Christmas Eve as everyone opened presents.  Over the years they added other drinks too (Manhattans and Brandy Alexanders) – although the Grasshopper was still made for my Mom-Mom.  I love the Grasshopper because it is such a pretty green – and who doesn’t love, spiked chocolate mint with ice cream! 🙂

It was a drink continued at our house – I remember either been near the end of high school or maybe even college having a Grasshopper before Midnight Mass.

It is such a festive colored drink for the Christmas Holidays.  Here is the recipe for a Grasshopper:

  • 1 pint of vanilla bean ice cream
  • 3 cups of crushed ice
  • 4 oz green creme de menthe
  • 6 oz white creme de cacoa (clear)

Put all ingredients into a blender, cover and process at frappe for a few seconds.  Strain into cocktail glasses.

Another drink that is fabulous is my Dad’s Egg Nog recipe.  In our family this is an Easter drink; however, I know many families drink it at Christmas.  This recipe does call for raw eggs.  I found this article from ABC News about Raw Eggs in EggNog

Here is the recipe:

  • 4 oz eggs
  • 20 oz milk
  • 2 cup eggnog (or french vanilla) ice cream
  • 2 tsp granulated sugar
  • 2 oz rum
  • 2 oz brandy (preferably cognac)

Place all of the above ingredients in a blender and mix well.  Serves 8 cups.  If you wish to make egg white topping, be sure to separate the 4 eggs and place the yolks in the blender only, setting the whites aside until last.  Place whites in separate bowl and mix with beaters at high speed, slowly adding a little sugar (about 3 tsps) and 1/8 tsp of cream of tartar.  When the whites form peaks, serve on top of each cup with a small sprinkling of nutmeg, if desired.

Do you have any holiday beverages that you love?  Feel free to share!


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