Dusting off an Old Favorite

Good afternoon. Happy Saturday. Hope you are staying warm.

Although I  enjoyed my Christmas and New Year’s with my family – it wasn’t without some not so fun times.  I’ve been sick since the Monday before Christmas.  I thought it was just a bad cold but it gradually got worse.  I finally went to the Doctor’s on Thursday (they squeezed me in – thank goodness) before the big storm.  I have a bacterial infection and I’m on the mend thanks to the zip pack I was given.  I’m actually getting some energy back. (Yeah!)

I’ve been laying low – getting rest, drinking lots of liquids and even eating soup.  I’ve missed working out (I’ve gotten a few walks in) and hope to get back on track on Monday.

Last weekend I dusted off a simple, favorite breakfast from my childhood.  Soft boiled eggs!  I did a couple of google searches on the timing – as although I like my eggs over easy – I like my soft boiled eggs really an in between version of hard / soft boiled eggs.

Here is my recipe:

  • 2 – 3 room temperature eggs
  • bring a pot of water on high to a slow boil
  • add the room temperature eggs to the water
  • set timer to 6 minutes (while eggs are cooking – toast you favorite bread or english muffins)
  • once timer goes off take pot off of the burner – add cool water
  • quickly peel eggs
  • chop up eggs in a bowl – salt and pepper to taste
  • Serve with buttered toast or english muffins

A picture from my breakfast this morning:

Soft boiled eggs (2) with English Muffins (Thomas' of course)

Soft boiled eggs (2) with English Muffins (Thomas’ of course)



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