My Adventures in FreeCycle

As I mentioned in my Declutter 2014 post, my goal this year is to really declutter my house. I’ve accumulated so many things and never had a chance in either of my big moves to get rid of things.

Over the past year, I’ve been donating quite a few things via Good Donor. I love it – they pick up and leave you a tax deductible receipt.

So my new favorite is FreeCycle.  It encourages recycling via reusing – all items must be FREE.  I love this concept as I really hate throwing items away because I no longer use them and they are still in good working order.  And I’ll be honest some of the items I’ve recycled aren’t necessarily items that I want to deal with selling via eBay or at a Consignment store (note:  I do have some items I’ll be using eBay and Consignment Stores in the area – I’ll share my experiences in later post).

I belong to the Mercer County FreeCycle Yahoo group.  I’ll be honest with you, I was a little apprehensive to list items on a site and then have people come and pick them up at my house.  However, it is super easy – I leave the items at my front door and people pick them up.  Anything you want to Recycle you post as OFFER.  Once you get a response you post PPU (pending pick-up) and once it is picked up you post TAKEN.  If you are looking for something in particular you post WANTED.  I’ve been completely impressed with how quickly some of the items get responses or how many responses I actually get.

Here is what I’ve FreeCycled already:

  • OFFER:  4 Head VCR and VHS tapes – 4 interested; first email in less than 10 minutes
  • OFFER:  3 Unopened bags of Halloween candy – 5 interested; first email – 4 minutes after posting.
  • WANT:  Table Lamp and Clip on Light.
  • OFFER:  50 Misc (non dry cleaner hangers) – 1 interested; less than an hour
  • OFFER:  4 Ceramic Tile and Stone Grout Finish – 3 interested; less than 10 minutes on first inquiry.
  • OFFER:  35 Historical Romance Books (and yes I like to read trashy novels on vacation!  🙂 ). – 1 interested; 4 minutes from posting and picked up within an hour of posting – WOW!!

So I’ve gotten rid of quite a few things in a short period of time and I’m not cluttering another room as I stockpile waiting for the larger good donor pickup.  I will still use Good Donor – I have a pick-up already scheduled for February (and remember with Good Donor you get a receipt – so tax deductible).

What I’ve learned – delcuttering can be very overwhelming (I haven’t even made a dent at my house – I have a long way to go) but also liberating – I get pumped once I post something to see how long it takes for a response.  I know I’m odd!  But is also encourages me to continue to focus on this decluttering journey! 🙂


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