Midweek Challenge Check-in

I promised on my last post that I would give a midweek check-in on my step challenge.  My 7 day running total is 61,934.  I’ve had 3 11K days so far this week – which is well above the 30%.  Did I make my goal too easy?  Guess time will tell.  I have a habit of hitting goals out of the gate strong and then life seems to get in the way (and one week doesn’t make a trend – but it is a nice start).

The first two days, I made the extra effort to get outside for some walks – on the 13th – I split my walks in two (one in the afternoon as a break from my endless conference calls and one in the evening to get some fresh air).  I had a quick business trip in NYC and even though it was raining – got some good steps in back and forth from the office, hotel and dinner.  Even with the rain – it was an awesome time in NYC.  I get to work with some really great people – we don’t get together that often and it was great seeing some co-workers I haven’t seen in a year or so.

Here is my update:

  • 1/15:  8,716 (NYC) (and counting)
  • 1/14:  11,694 (NYC)
  • 1/13:  11,734
  • 1/12:  11,400

Now the pressure is on to keep up the pace! 🙂


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