Back in the Saddle

Today was a great day! It was my first time back on a spin bike since before Christmas and I loved it!

I got sick right before Christmas and it had me down and out for awhile (and then I had some Saturday conflicts – Saturday is my normal spin day).

I got a nice surprise over Christmas – an Amazon gift card – one of my purchases (that I just ordered last week) a pair of tri-spin shoes (and no I don’t have any plans to do a triathlon – my spin instructor suggested tri-shoes since they are lighter).  I had my SPD cleats put on yesterday at a local bike shop.

Aren't they pretty?! :-)

Aren’t they pretty?! 🙂

So the class I did today wasn’t at my normal studio.  It was a benefit ride for Gearing Up (we raised $13K – WOW!).  It was a 90 minute ride.  I was more than a touch nervous.  The longest ride I’d ever done was 60 minutes and I hadn’t been on a bike in over a month (and my cardio workouts have been minimal – with the exception of last weekend when I was in Tampa).

Our ride was an endurance ride of the ‘Lake Placid Iron Man route’  The descriptions of the route were fabulous!  It was like we were there.  🙂  After we finished our first loop – I could feel my adrenaline pounding – it was AWESOME!  What a RUSH!  Time to start saving for that road bike!

PS:  Just hope I can walk tomorrow!! 🙂



  1. Mike Blaner · January 28, 2014

    Good for you! This time of year is a great time to get back in the saddle! Although it sounds like you’re busy enough these days!

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