Challenge Results

I’m sure you’ve been waiting by your computer for my Step Challenge Results (using my FitBit Flex) – HA! 🙂

I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to come out.  I knew I had some opportunities to get some good steps in while traveling for work in NYC (although it did rain so I did cab it to and from the train station – normally I would’ve walked).  I was also doing some personal travel – so I knew I would have good days on my airport day (my return trip was after my challenge).  However, I wasn’t sure about the weekend – I was staying in a hotel but I didn’t know the schedule as I was in town for a baptism.

My goal was to average 8,190 steps per day and end the week with a running total of 57,330 – achieving this was a 30% increase in my prior week.

From Sunday to Saturday – I was able to get 72,421 – I blew out my 7 day total by 15K steps and increased my activity by 64%!!  Here is a view of my numbers a couple of different ways:

  • Total Steps:  72,241
  • Average:  10,345 (almost 4K steps above my prior average)
  • Highest Day:  11,734 (NYC)
  • Lowest Day:  7,037 (work from home day)
  • Average (when I drop the High / Low numbers):  10,730

I loved my results – very happy with them.  However, I definitely had some anomalies – extra steps due to work events, travel and access to cardio machines.  I don’t have a cardio machine in my house anymore.  My current 7 day total is lower than the 44K.  The cold weather has been a factor and so has my current work schedule – just haven’t been able to step away from my desk.  I’m really glad I did this comparison when I was traveling.  It showed me I can do it and it reinforces I need to schedule breaks during my work day to step away from the desk and move around.  Hopefully, we’ll have a little bit of a warm-up so I can go back to doing my 1:1s with my team by walking.

Have a great weekend!


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