January Travels

I was in NYC and Tampa in January.  Not only were they great trips – but also found some interesting adult beverages.

While in NYC – had a great dinner at Bond45, hopped over to Times Square to be a tourist and hit an Irish Pub.  Tried something interesting and different I thought I would share.  A shot of Jameson followed by a shot of pickle juice.  Yes – you read that correct – a shot of pickle juice.  I joined my friends just as they were preparing to do this shot and really had no desire to try it.  But you know what happens when you are with friends – you fall to peer pressure.  I was surprised that the combination actually worked.  Had another a little later for good measure too!  No hangover the next day – bonus!  I didn’t know what it was called so when I got home the next day – I Googled it.  It is called a PickleBack.  I thought it was interesting that the best places use homemade pickle brine – who knew!  I checked the Irish Pub’s cocktail menu and this isn’t on the menu so I have no idea if their pickle juice is from  homemade pickles or from a jar of Vlasic’s!

So off to Tampa I went for MLK weekend for my goddaughter’s baptism.  It was a wonderful family event.  A family tradition is having a baby Guinness.  So I had to have one to be considered part of the family.  🙂  Note – this doesn’t have any Guinness in it at all.  It is a shot of Cafe Patron with Bailey’s poured over the back of a spoon – giving the shot the look of a Guinness.  All I can say is YUM!!  This will be on the tailgating menu this fall.  🙂

Technique for getting the true Guinness look.

Technique for getting the true Guinness look.

The final product - yum!

The final product – yum!


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